Revision 04/08/21

Mobile Homes/full time Residents Rules

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1.  Park rules must be adhered to and will be enforced. Local town ordinances and laws, all state and federal laws, as well as any ordinance, which affects the health and safety of other residents, must be followed.

2.  New tenants will be offered the opportunity to sign a lease for a minimum of one year. The lease assures each tenant abiding by the conditions contained therein the right to remain for the term.   Any current resident who wishes to sign a lease should notify the park owner or manager in writing before January 1, otherwise the tenancy will remain on a month to month  basis.

3.  Park owner is responsible to maintain all water supply and septic facilities. Park owner is also providing basic refuse storage and disposal at one point in the park (specifically, the Dumpster on the south side of the Rec. hall) Garbage must be in clear plastic bags.  Recycling must be done according to county regulations. Those wishing to dispose of appliances, please check with the landlord before leaving item. With furniture, the materials (i.e. metal and wood) must be separated. For tires, car parts, paint, chemicals, etc. tenants must make their own arrangements. Leaves are to raked and piled along the driveway and will be picked up by the county on specified dates which they will provide.

4.  Any change in tenancy or ownership is subject to approval by park Manager and owner. The rented premises may not be sub-rented or subleased.

5.  It is recommended that each tenant have their own post office box rather than having the mail sent to the Rt 49 address. This will avoid mix ups and possible delays in your receiving your mail, and it ensures your privacy. 

6.  Each tenant is responsible:           

A. For insurance coverage for their lot and property, listing Claudia Barney Spruce Grove Marina LLC as also insured. This insurance must include Liability insurance. Fiire insurance is also recomended for your benefit. We need a copy of your insurance coverage in the office.

B. To maintain their lot in an orderly fashion.

C. To maintain the septic and electric facilities which are above ground on their lot.

D. To maintain water facilities from shut off to, and including the mobile home; if it is determined there is a water leak in this area, the landlord reserves the right to shut off said water until repairs are made.

E. For the maintenance of the riser pipe and the connecting pipe.

F. Maintenance of electrical connections up to and including the service connections; professional installation of heating/propane/electrical units is required.

G. For storage and disposal of garbage on their site.

H. For having proper propane hook-ups. Only full sized propane storage tanks are allowed (environmental requirements) - any tank less than 100 lbs is NOT acceptable on a Mobile Home.

I. For mowing lawns, insect and rodent control of their site. Full time tenants are to provide their own lawn mowers (those provided by the park are for Seasonal Tenants only.)

J. For noxious weed control

K. For storage and proper handling of toxic materials


7.  The park owner requires that 30 days (one month) advance notice be given in writing of tenant's intent to sell their trailer.

8.  The number of people living in each mobile home is limited to two.  The park management is to be notified of any additional persons who will be maintaining temporary, part time, or full residence (including children) and will require an extra chare of $10. per person per month. 

   Any addition, building or shed must be approved by park owner prior to construction or delivery.  All improvements must comply with local building codes.  The tenant is responsible for any required permits, paperwork and fees related to his/her improvements and /or additions.

9.  Park speed limit is 5 mph. We do have handicapped persons and children on the grounds and thus this is mandatory.

10  Approval must be given by the Park Manager for any animals. Some breeds/types will not be accepted. All dogs must be on a leash at all times and an adult must walk the dog. Tenant must clean up after his/her own dog. Tenants not following this rule may be asked to make other arrangements for their dog.       

Any behavioral problems with any animal will make it necessary for tenant to make other arrangements for that animal. A limit of two neutered indoor cats and one dog per trailer. There must be a copy of your pet's current rabies certificate on file in the office.

11. No unlicensed or unregistered vehicles in any tenants yard or driveway.  This is a town ordinance. There is a limit of one (1) vehicle per adult tenant is allowed.

12. Children should be under the supervision of an adult family member while on the grounds of Spruce Grove-with close attention to those 10 years old and younger .

13. No bicycle riding after dark. Children must be accompanied by an adult after dark.  Children are not allowed on the main driveway (between Route 49 and the marina boat launch pad) on bicycles on weekends, due to the increase in traffic. It should be noted that Rt. 49 is a very busy road and we recommend that children stay back from Rt. 49.

14. No fishing in the Marina, launch bay or marina entryways. This is for the safety of the boats in the marina to avoid possibility of damages.

15. No swimming is endorsed by Spruce Grove management - we do not have a certified swim area or lifeguard.

16. Children must wear life jackets on the docks, when at the water's edge and must be accompanied by an adult.

17. No loud noises after 10 p.m. or before 8:00 a.m. (Note: It is expected that noise levels be reasonable at all times for the "quiet enjoyment" of each tenant).

18. No open fires. Fires must be in a pit or container with a cover/top so there is no open flame.

19. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has mandated that wood for fires can not be transported in or out of the park

20. Your rent is expected by the 5th of the month. The current rent is $390 per month. If paid by the 5th of each month, a $20 discount will be given. (If paid by the 5th the monthly rent will be $370.) After 30 days (without rent payment) tenants are subject to eviction 

21. Grounds for eviction:

                a. nonpayment of rent

                b. expired lease (without a lease, tenant is on a "month to month" basis)

                c. tenant has no lease and has stayed more than 30 days after the park owner has                  given notice that the tenancy has been terminated.

                d. the lot is used for illegal purposes.

                e. violations of federal, state or local laws.

                f. violations of any lease term or valid rule or regulation and failure to correct the violation within 10 days of receiving written notice from park owner.


22. If a tenant has any emergencies or need any help with anything pertaining to the park, contact:

                                            The office at (315) 623-9436

                                Rules will be posted conspicuously in the Rec. Hall.