Some Reminder to All Tenants of Spruce Grove

1.    We can no longer allow boats and/or boat trailers to be stored on individual lots.

       This is necessary to conform with local restrictions such as fire codes.

                The Options are:

                a)  Reserved docks are available for the season.

                b) A "casual Dock" situation (defined as launching, using an unreserved dock in the launch bay area overnight for a maximum period of four nights, and out for two days, parking the trailer in the northwest lot-either empty or with the boat on it for the season) will be available. Please note: We require a copy of proof of Liability Insurance for your boat.

2.    New County regulations require us to have, on file in the office, a copy of the rabies certificate for any pets you have here at Spruce Grove. This includes even occasional visits by your animal and the animal's of any guest of yours.

3.    Park Rules-- All Park Rules will be enforced. 

4.    Garbage- The dumpster is for bagged garbage only.

        Below are some tips on how to recycle!


   Paper items should be unsoiled and dry. Paper items should be stacked and either bundled and tied or put in tied see-through plastic bags.

          Large pieces of cardboard may be loose, but need to be flattened and stacked in the recyclable dumpster.


   Plastic items should be rinsed out. Oil, antifreeze windshield washer containers are NOT recyclable.

             Take off and include all lids.  Cans and plastics do not need to be flattened, and should NOT be in bags of any kind.


  Metal items that do not fit in the recycling categories may be put in the metal pile that is near the dumpster


        If you have any questions regarding the recycling program please ask any of the staff or at the park office. 


        For Seasonal Tenants rules, click here. 

       For Residential Tenants rules, click here.